2009. március 4., szerda

Humour is essential

Well, today I took a history test. I think I did quite well on it and hopefully I did well enough to dethrone Zsófi who had dethroned me last time, more precisely she did better than me. Concurency made me a bit more determined.

Our class team suffered a humiliating loss at football today. The result is 7-1. I was the goalkeeper but my teammates said I saved well. I also saved a penalty shot (it is from 7 metres if you play indoor football).

By the way I haven't found Mrs Ropi unfortunately, it seems. Well, still it has been my most successful flirt yet. Maybe next time I will be luckier and more successful (haha, good joke).

Due to the economic crisis, our country is in trouble and the moral level isn't high either and I am sure Hungary is not the only place like that. That's why I would like to show a parody about our prime minister. I think the actor did a wonderful job. I was a bit embarrassed, because sometimes I tend to make huge gaps between words.

2009. március 2., hétfő

Maybe Mrs Ropi is emerging?

In Hungary there is a superstition which says if you are lucky at poker (or in card games) then you are unlucky with girls. I don't really play card games, mainly because I would lose so according to this superstition I am a Casanova. Well, I am not. However my time may come now. Today I was asking a girl to go to a date with me. I made a huge 10 second long speech, which mainly contained linking words and uhmms. So I didn't say anything but the most basic information required. It is not true because I wasn't mentioning the date because she interrupted me. She interrupted me around the 8th second: Are you inviting me to a date? It was shocking to face with my purpose so I could only say: Is it a tricky question? Anyway I was acting an idiot for so long that she said she sleeps one before making her decision.


Whatever she say, I have gone the furthest in the aspects of a relationship with a girl because so far I have been refused immediately. However I am hoping that she will say yes.

I also published my first Spanish language post. You can read it here.