2009. január 11., vasárnap



Steve asked me to make a video about Hungarian Blogspot and pronunciation of Hungarian words. So here it is. I hope he is going to appreciate it because I had many difficulties with that. I hope you can enlarge it. Originally I wanted to upload it to Youtube but it wasn't allowing it. I hope it is more or less alright. In reality my voice doesn't suck that much. Tea is keen on showing me to her family so I make my excuse in advanced: General Ropi may be a General, General Ropi may be able to dance but General Ropi is not really able to talk. Yes, I speak slowly, I say a lot "uhmm"s, I have stupid accent and there are gaps between my words (when I speak Hungarian too) but that's what I am. I don't really want to make video in the near future.

Well, yesterday I fullfilled my promise. You may remember that I had a bet if I get a 5 to my Maths test then I will go out with my friends, Zsófi and Ádám. We went to a pub and we had a good time. Actually, vodka is a really cool drink.