2009. január 1., csütörtök

Happy New Year!

I managed to find out how I can schedule my post so this post is sent by the timer option of Blogger. I would like to welcome you in 2009. I am thankful for your loyal reading and good ideas, even if I didn't take them. Well I am stubborn at times. When I write this post, there are approximately 10 and half hours back from this year but probably I won't go to party or anything like that. My resolution for 2009 is that I am going to be stricter but trying to be more out-going in the same time. We will see if I am going to be successful.

Hopefully when blogger posts it, I am going to enjoy the first minute of the Hungarian New Year according to local time.

Finally I would like to share a technological device with you which was builtby Hungarians: The SOLO. Thanks to Komaja for the link.

Hungarian "Solo" concept car, super-light and super-ecological

Prototype of the first ever Hungarian hybrid vehicle called Solo is on display at the Museum of Transport in Budapest, Hungary 16 June, 2008. The three-seats, 3.12-meter long and 1.92-meter wide environmentally friendly vehicle powered by gas and li-ion batteries is designed and built by ANTRO company based in Oeriszentpeter, Hungary. The ecological gas-electric vehicel can reach 140km/hours top speed and is expected to go on sale in 2012. EPA/BARNABAS HONECZY.
by Staff Writers
Budapest (AFP) June 17, 2008
The prototype for a new Hungarian car that can reach 140 kilometres per hour while only consuming between 1.5 and two litres of ethanol per 100 kilometres, was unveiled Tuesday in Budapest.

The smooth,oval-shaped "Solo," developed by Hungarian company Antro and presented Tuesday at Budapest's Museum of Transport, is just over three metres long, less than two metres wide and can carry up to three people, with the driver sitting between the two passengers.

With a car frame and body made of a carbon fiber composite, the vehicle is ultra-light, weighing only 270 kilogrammes (595 pounds).

And the glass roof is entirely covered with high-performance solar panels, enabling the vehicle to cover 15-25 kilometres on solar energy alone. For longer trips, four small electric engines are also hidden behind each wheel.

"Solo is a hybrid car with two modes of functioning: moving in the city using electric engines, solar energy or even human power thanks to mechanic pedals attached to a generator -- for traffic jams. And for longer trips it uses a modern engine running on not only traditional but also biofuels and ethanol," said Antro director Zsolt Hegedus.

The interior is elegantly cosy with wood and leather everywhere, even on the steering wheel and on additional pedals allowing the passengers to help move the car along.

Solo is expected to cost about 12,000 euros (18,606 dollars), the usual price for a small city vehicle of this kind, but its carbon-dioxide emissions are only a quarter of that released by its non-hybrid rivals, its developers said.

They said they were hoping to begin mass production in 2012.

Antro has also promised a big sister for Solo by that time.

Baptised Duo, it will carry six people and its owners will even be able to go their separate ways if need be: according to its designers, it will be possible to transform the Duo into two Solos in ten minutes.

Finally, let me introduce you to my life a bit more and let me show you my favourite movie, at least one of them. Luckily I found a site where you can watch movies with out downloading.
Watch "Canadian Bacon" Movie I advise you to see the whole movie in your free time.