2009. január 28., szerda

Stereotype II

For you I collected some more stereotypical Hungarian things: good drivers; salami addicts; hot cuisine full of pepper and paprika; “a small nation struggling and surviving against the odds”; oppressors turned troublemakers; indigenous; often desperate and hopeless; calm and objective way of thinking; courage; audacity and insistence on ideas.

Also: we don't share our private life in great details, we switch to informal style very slowly, that's why we use each other's family name a lot at first unless we talk with people in similar age. Hungarian learn less languages compared to EU average.

The "flu season" is starting in Hungary. It is an usual epidemic here. The substitution board is full at school, many students are sick and so on. Luckily I don't really get any illnesses. Today we discussed the term averages and marks. I was No 1 among boys and No 4 or 5 (Biology deteriorates my average a lot) in the whole class according to averages. The class average was 3.95 out of 5. We were 18th out of 21 classes in the entire school. It is not so bad because we used to be the last ones. Today I managed to say something absolutely not wrong on Hungarian Literature ... marvel happens.

Today I got the topics for the Oral part of the final exam at Geography. I have 43 topics to study. These are not so difficult I think except a few. There are some I would like to skip but 80% of them is not so horrible. It is good I posted it here because it is not a great problem if I lost my papers.
  1. Northern part of the Great Plain (Hungary)
  2. The Small Plainland and the Subalpine Region (Hungary)
  3. The Transdanubian Middle Mountains (Hungary)
  4. Southern Transdanubia (Hungary)
  5. The Northern Middle Mountains (Hungary)
  6. The Physical geography of Europe
  7. The physical Geography of Northern America
  8. River discharge and food hydrograps
  9. The inner structure of the Earth
  10. Plate Tectonics/ Constructive and Destructive margins
  11. Volcanic activity/ Volcanoes
  12. River Landforms in lowlands
  13. Sea currents
  14. Drought and water supply in developing countries
  15. Warming up of the air/ Weather and Climate
  16. Formation of falling precipitation
  17. Cyclones and anti-cyclones
  18. Global air circulation
  19. The equatorial belt
  20. Global Warming
  21. Mediterranian and Monsoon Climate
  22. European Union
  23. Evolution of EU
  24. Old and new industries in the UK
  25. Mediterranian farming
  26. Japan - levels of development
  27. The effects of intensive agriculture
  28. Advantages/disadvantages of transport forms
  29. Non-renewable energy sources
  30. Renewable energy sources
  31. Population Growth
  32. Population Structures
  33. Transnational Companies
  34. Sustainable development
  35. World trade
  36. Inequalities in World development
  37. Tourism- recent trends
  38. Hungary - population development
  39. Hungary- the structure of economy
  40. Hungary- employment (structure)
  41. Hungary- energetics
  42. Hungary- machine industry
  43. Hungary- fundamentals of the agriculture