2009. február 18., szerda


Well, it seems I start to understand Coordinate-geometry but I would lie if I said my knowledge is close to optimal. My last test was 2 out of 5 so I think that's the moment when I have to give up my dreams about Maths 5 in my report book finally and concentrate on protecting my 4. It is not going to be easy though.

However I have been living my 3rd revival at Spanish. Yesterday I held a presentation about México and I got 5 to it. I was surprised how cool things I can say if I want. I used words as executed by head shot (fusilar), Viceroyality of New Spain (Virreinato de la Nueva España). Well, I tell you the execution story because it has conenction with Hungary in some way. The executed guy was Maximilian of Habsburg (Emperor of México) who was the younger brother of Franz Joseph who was the Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

It was snowing here quite a lot in the last 2 days and I would like to show a photo from my window. It may look very artistic but I just can't sue the camera properly. I made it last evening when it was heavily snowing.

Today I was reassuring everyone again that I am still quite conservative. On History we had a kind of debate class and it was about the politics in Hungary in the 1840s. There were 4 significant parties in that time and we had to vote for one according to its program. I didn't vote for the most conservative one though but I vote for a slightly conservative. I was a lonely conservative. In my class the radical reformers and the liberals were in majority (4-4) .

Tomorrow I will have a good day, I have only 2 lessons because my English teachers are absent. On Tour Guiding the teacher was the tour guide who we had in Scotland. I was a bit surprised. At first I didn't recognise her though.

I am very exhausted. Luckily this time It wasn't my turn to be the goalkeeper in the class team but next week probably I will.