2009. február 11., szerda

Top Secret revealed

I think it is the best time to reveal our Top Secret plan which was made by my buddy (Ádám) and myself because it was revealed today at school. We have the possibility to hand in drafts for our classtrip in May and we were working on 2 drafts.

I am thinking whether I have taken up so much tasks this year. I can bear it now but I am curious whether I will bear it in April when I will be less fresh and I will have to invest extra energy on my first tourism Exam. We will see... As Harley said: hard work pays off.

Today I was playing football in the class team against the teachers' team. We won 8-3 but I got 2 easy goals but I made some nice saves as well so I can say I was doing well but nothing extraordinary. I also got back my Biology test and I got 59%. I was very satisfied with it and I was the second best in my group which was a kind of surprise. Yesterday I got back my Statistics-Probability great test and finally I managed to be the best in the group. I got 101.5%. You know I am a loser kind of person. I have been second 4 times at chess on local contests and twice victory was in my hands and I let it go. I was second at Maths once, I was second at swimming a long time ago when I could swim better. It wasn't a serious contest though. At table tennis I can lose sets for 9-4 or 10-6 leads. So I am always the second and I am so happy when rarely I can be the first. So I am realable among the good or average ones but it is rare when I do outstandingly. The only exception is History on the positive side and Biology on the negative side however I don't think to Biology as failure. It is interesting to mention that it is only the second occasion I have reached more than 100% in almost 12 years. I let you guess which subject it was but you won't find it out. If you say history you are on the wrong path because it was CHEMISTRY. I got 120% once at elementary school at it. Thank you for reading few hundred pages from my autobiography.

I have to add that I am not entirely satisfied with Maths because I made the usual Ropi-kind of mistakes (for example: I substitued the wrong number to an equation).