2009. február 25., szerda

My sovereignty

Well, nowadays I didn't manage to post anything which gained your favour. I don't really care, if I have to I will be an Apostate for my entire life but I stick to my opinion. I may be considered secretly or openly feeble minded but it is not really my business. 

I have to add that being weak minded is not so horrible as it sounds. Today we discussed the Hungarian Protection War (formerly called Freedom Fight) of 1848-1849 and we briefly talked about Ferdinand V. He was a Hungarian king between 1835-1848 and he was considered as mentally weak according to the history book we use. I would argue with that because he was able to speak 6 languages fluently, he was a talented musician and a good historian so probably as a person I could have got along with him well but he was a horrible politician. I have read/heard 3 (famous) anecdotes about him.

  1. In 1848 there were 2 riots, one in March and one in October. At the second, he asked Chancellor Metternich why they were making such a noise. The chancellor answered that they were rioting and Ferdinand V asked: Really? Are they allowed to do so?

  2. According to nasty rumours his only powerful instruction was when he ordered his luch and he wanted dumplings. The chef told him that he couldn't cook it because some components were missing or something like that. Ferdinand became upset and he said: I am the Emperor and I want dumplings!!

  3. The last one happened after his deposal (2nd December 1848). In the 1860s and 1870s Germans and Italians wanted to create their states. There were 2 plans for a German unity and Prussia and the Habsburgs had a battle at Königgrätz in 1866 which was lost from the Habsburgs point of view, Ferdinand ironically said: Even I could do that.